APPETIZERS DOLMADES                    $4.95 Stuffed grape leaves with rice and fresh herbs TARAMOSALATA               $3.95 Fresh caviar spread SCORDALIA                     $3.95 Garlic potato spread with olive oil TZATZIKI                      $3.95 Yogurt, garlic and cucumber spread HUMMOUS                                     $3.95 Chickpea, garlic, lemon and olive oil spread SAGANAKI                                   $4.95 Greek flaming cheese with ouzo SPANAKOPITA                         $4.95 Spinach and feta baked in crispy phyllo CHARBROILED OCTOPUS        $11.95 Marinated in olive oil and vinegar WHOLE FRIED CALAMARI                        $5.95 Pan fried calamari sprinkled with fresh lemon and herbs CHARBROILED SHRIMP             $7.95        SOUPS AVGOLEMONO                 $2.95 SOUP OF THE DAY            $2.95       SALADS GREEK SALAD Small                          $3.95 Large                                    $7.95 HORIATIKI Small                                                                                 $4.95 Large                              $8.95 Tomatoes, cucumbers, green, peppers, onions, olives, feta cheese         Add chicken or gyro $2.00 SANDWICHES & MELTS        Served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and tzatziki                  wrapped in pita bread of your choice GYRO                          $5.50 PORK SOUVLAKI                $5.50 CHICKEN SOUVLAKI                            $5.50 (Melts served on open pita with a melted cheese) SPINACH AND FETA MELT           $6.25 GYRO MELT                              $6.25 VEGETERIAN MELT                             $6.25        Specialty sandwiches served on Panini bread with                        lettuce, tomatoes and onions FISH OF THE DAY SANDWICH FRIED, GRILLED OR BLACKENED            $7.95     BEVERAGES SOFT DRINKS                                 $1.99 COFFEE                                   $1.50 GREEK COFFEE                        $2.50 CAPPUCCINO                     $3.50 CAFE LATTE                         $3.50 ICED TEA                               $1.50 BOTTLED WATER              $1.50
   HOUSE SPECIALTIES   All Entrees include grilled pita and a side of your choice:        (rice, lemon roasted potato or vegetable of the day)                         Soup or Salad w/meal $2.00                           Sharing Charge $2.00 OVEN ROASTED QUARTER CHICKEN dark meat                            $5.95 white meat                                    $6.95 GYRO PLATTER                         $8.95 Lamb and beef with Greek herbs and spices served with tomatoes, onions, tzatziki and pita PASTICHIO                          $8.95 Layers of macaroni, meat sauce baked with a creamy béchamel sauce MOUSAKA                                  $8.95 Layers of eggplant, potato, meat sauce baked with a creamy béchamel sauce DOLMADES                          $8.95 Seasoned ground beef and rice wrapped in grape wine leaves topped with a light avgolemono sauce ATHENIAN CHICKEN                          $8.95 Breast of chicken stuffed with spinach and feta baked in a garlic wine sauce CHICKEN SANTORINI                           $8.95 Breast of chicken rolled with eggplant and Greek cheese baked in a garlic wine and tomato sauce MACARONADA                   $7.95 Spaghetti with Greek meat sauce BASA ATHENIAN                     $8.95 Filet stuffed with spinach, feta, tomatoes, mushrooms baked in a lemon, garlic and wine sauce CHARBROILED TILAPIA                           $8.95 Filet grilled to perfection and topped with fresh lemon, garlic, oregano and olive oil SHRIMP SANTORINI                 $11.95 Sautéed with tomatoes, fresh herbs, garlic topped with crumbled feta and baked to perfection   CHILDREN'S MENU PITA PIZZA                                            $2.99 SPAGHTTI WITH RED SAUCE             $2.99 FRIED CHICKEN FINGERS WITH FRENCH FRIES                         $3.99      SIDE DISHES VEGETABLE OF THE DAY         $2.00 OVEN ROASTED LEMON POTATOES                          $2.00 PITA BREAD                            $1.00 RICE PILAF                       $2.00 FRIES                            $2.00 FETA                            $2.00 TZATZIKI (4OZ)                                              $1.00 BREAD                                      $1.00      DESSERTS BAKLAVA                            $3.00 GALATOBOUREKO                               $3.00 RICE PUDDING                              $3.00 GREEK CHICOLATE CAKE                   $4.00 GREEK COOKIES                          $1.00/each ICE CREAM                             $2.50 FRUIT PLATE                   $5.00
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